What's the sketchiest way you've had to get power to recharge your battery?

Here's my answer to Nathanael Barbettini's question on Fb

During my #elektrogirl journey, on the return from Istanbul, I spent a few days with the wonderful family of Dejan Jovanović in Belgrade, Serbia, in the city center.

They live in an apartment on the third floor of a Soviet type building, with a narrow, slightly overgrown garden alley between buildings. We had to manoeuvre Xena, 'my' Zero DS, through a narrow gate and path, then park it between the shrubs so it wasn't too visible from the street. Then, from their kitchen socket, we rolled out two connecting extension cables over the terras wall, down to Xena for charging.
All went very well, and after calculating —out of curiosity— we even found out one full charge costs about 0,4€ i.e. about a tenth of the price we pay in Belgium, due to very low energy prices in Serbia.

It was for sure the longest cord I ever needed on the entire journey =:-]

[ this is my answer to Nathanael Barbettini's question on Fb // full image below ]

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