What's The Worst Car Meet You've Been To?

What stuff have you seen go down that just made you shake your head?

7w ago

Before the current climate of covid, car meets & shows were a way for enthusiasts to meet like-minded individuals and show off their pride & joy. But sometimes there would always be a few individuals who wanted to show off and have all of the attention... for the wrong reasons.

The worst one that I have been to was in 2014. It was held on a parking lot next to a beach here in Vancouver. Well over 500 cars turned up, maybe even 1,000. The meet was great up until it came closer for the show to end. As cars were leaving, a few of them (not all Mustangs :p) started to peel out of the parking lot. Worse still, some did this on a very busy road that runs next to the parking lots and is also heavily used by cyclists.

But the worst thing that someone did that day was a burnout in the middle of the parking lot... in their pickup truck. First off, the truck wasn't even that impressive to look at. But doing a burnout in a parking lot with people walking to either side is idiotic to put it mildly. Worse still, the parking lot wasn't in the greatest shape so pieces of the asphalt were a bit loose and as the truck did the burnout, the tires started picking up bits of asphalt and flinging them towards the other nice cars. One owner took out his umbrella and used it as a shield in front of his car.

So that was the worst one that I've been to. What stories do you have?

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  • Ive never been to a car meet

      1 month ago
  • Tesla meet. Or riced.

      1 month ago
  • I suppose the worst one I've been to wasn't a meet, but an actual car show. A few years back, I was trying to figure out what I was going to do one weekend as there were seemingly no scheduled shows. I figured I'd just spend it cleaning up the beasties, but one day at work one of my coworkers came to me with a discovery. He said, "There's a show this weekend at Deja Vu!" I responded, "What? The strip club?" to which he responded that he saw the announcement on their readerboard on his way to work. I did a little snooping, and found that the Deja Vu strip club did actually have their 1st annual car show for that Saturday. I figured 'what the hell' and got up that Saturday morning, and took Buford down to the show.

    Well, I arrived on time, and found myself to be first in line...........not a good sign when being 'on time' means you're at least 20 cars back in line. My big motivation for going was not only that it was a show, but they claimed they would have Gidget the Midget there to take pictures and do autographs. Now, I hadn't a clue who she was, and after a bit of snooping there, found that she was a diminuitive adult film star of some note. I couldn't care less about the autograph, but I did decide that I really wanted her to pose with Buford, as she'd only come up to his bumper.........I figured it'd be a great photo.

    After a couple hours, I realized that everybody that was coming to the show was already there. There were only FIVE vehicles registered for the show! Five! Ridiculous............there were more strippers.... um, I'm sorry ...... exotic dancers there than there were vehicles. I did go and look at the other guys cars, only to find out upon return to my vehicle that Gidget had come out, spent about 30 seconds outside, and then went back inside. I was pissed.

    So, I sat down and observed the people that did show up. The dancers were nice, and a couple of them hung out with me chatting for a bit. I'm betting a couple of the others had fairly pronounced chemical dependency issues, but most were friendly. During this time, some guy roared up in his Dodge Dakota pickup truck....... wasn't even an entrant in the show ........ and got out, appearing to be fairly inebriated. He was playing his best game with the girls, to the point he just HAD to pull the loaded AR-15 (magazine in the well, bolt forward) out of the back seat to show it off. I quietly prepared to call 911 for when everything was going to go sideways, but luckily the girls talked him into putting it away. He was seemingly annoyed by this, and roared off the way he came.

    I was at this point fairly disenchanted with the show, and was considering leaving when two of the dancers, one was the manager for the show, approached me. I asked, "Can I help you ladies?" to which she replied, "I just wanted to tell you that you've won 1st place for best truck at the show!!" I replied, "I don't want to sound ungrateful, but I'm the ONLY truck at the show!" She said, "I know, but I've got 10 trophies, so everybody is getting something". She and I spoke for a bit about how to get more press for her show, and how to get it into the car show calendar, for which she was thankful. I left soon after with my ridiculous trophy, which turned out to be the only one, as they've never had the show again.

    So, I suppose that would be the 'worst' meet I've been to, but it was oddly entertaining, and fairly interesting from a sociological point of view as well. Oh well....... can't find these things out unless you try.

      1 month ago
  • Asshats doin' asshattery. 😒

      1 month ago
  • I went to the local Ford RS Owners Club meeting in Derbyshire (England, for those of you reading this in The Land of The Free!)

    The people were all crowded around the latest (at that time) Ford Focus RS500

    I cruised in quietly in my Sierra RS500 and parked a little distance away

    After a few minutes the first head turned my way, did a double take, nudged his neighbour. And this continued until the largish crowd had all twisted their necks in anatomically impossible contortions before they swarmed over my car, all talking like guys with adenoid problems

    In the distance I saw the Focus owner glare at me, stick two fingers up, and mouths ‘w4nker’

    Not sure which I disliked most, the affronted Focus owner or the sad sacks gathered around me and my car as though it was the Second Coming...

      1 month ago