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What's the worst car you've ever driven?

We all have an answer to this - and it's more important than you think...

2y ago

The greatest car we will ever drive leaves us with the most unforgettable memories. Every sensation, sound, and nugget of excitement it transmits to us laces itself within the very fabric of our being, ready to be explored at only a moment’s notice. In contrast, exactly the same can be said of the worst cars we drive.

While best and worst may be opposites, they both form equally important rolls. For they forever give us a meter for comparison when presented with other treasures and shitboxes alike. And comparison is something that’s entwined into nature itself.

Credit: Alf Van Beem

Credit: Alf Van Beem

For me personally, the worst car I’ve ever driven is a Ford Anglia 105E. Kitsch as they may be, nothing can save it from being utterly god awful to pilot. The engine has less power than a dozing infant, the gearbox houses 4 ratios - all of which frequently play hide and seek - and the brakes slow the car so abysmally, you get the impression they’re made of marshmallow. In fact, the brakes are so bad, they make you thankful for the engine’s weak and feeble horsepowers.

Quite astonishingly though, while it may be the worst car I’ve ever driven, I don’t hate it. In fact, I think there’s a compelling argument suggesting that everyone should drive an Anglia at least once. After all, in a world where people subconsciously believe that the best way to deal with dangers and problems on the road is to out accelerate them, it could prove somewhat beneficial to drive a car where that simply isn’t an option.

Not only that, but the Anglia intensifies any feeling of vulnerability you may have on the road to the point where it’ll either force the better driver in you to manifest, or cause you to have a nervous breakdown. It provides a great experience to have in your memory - as a little reminder for how things used to be, and as a preference for comparison. All things considered, it’s the worst car I’ve driven.

Now though, I must once again throw the question in the blog’s title back to you guys and ask: what is the worst car that YOU have ever driven? Let me know in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you all.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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Comments (116)

  • This abomination. 1.6 TDI was painfully sluggish and it gave me chronic back ache after a 2 hour drive. Also has the interior of a cheap van, most boring vehicle in existence.

      2 years ago
  • Chevrolet Cruze. By far, the shittiest car ever produced. Hell, as a matter of fact, any Chevy/Vauxhall is absolute garbage.

      2 years ago
  • 2nd Gen Chevy Equinox: Underpowered, terrible ergonomics, if you had low fuel, you are unable to dismiss the notification to track your miles. And the seatbelt doesn’t go on flat across your body which drives me crazy personally

      2 years ago
  • 2001 Mustang GT, instead of having GPS it just dropped a trail of parts so I could find my way home.

      2 years ago
  • Hyundai Elantra. Had it as a rental car and the thing felt like it was made from cardboard and glue. It was not only uncomfortable, it was ugly beyond all reason. Horrible vehicle.

      2 years ago