What's This Button On The Shifter? It Might Be Toyota's Way To #SaveTheManuals

    2 months ago


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    What's This Button On The Shifter? It Might Be Toyota's Way To #SaveTheManuals

    Comments (49)
    Hansen Lukman posted in
    Shifting Lanes

    Step away from the hideous concept and you see that this is a plain ol' Toyota 86/BRZ/FR-S that's been hacked away by fast, furious, and environmentally conscious Toyota engineers. Sporting a targa top, the awkward looking rear-wheel drive sports car, that everyone loves to hate on for its lackluster engine and fun handling, has received the hybrid treatment. The concept will be officially unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 from October 25 through November 5 at Tokyo Big Sight.

    The car is called the GR HV Sports Car. GR stands for "Gazoo Racing," Toyota's racing division, while HV stands for "Hybrid Vehicle." Toyota claims the design of the GR HV is reminiscent of Gazoo Racing's TS050 Hybrid LMP1 Endurance Racer that competed in the World Endurance Championship (WEC). That race car houses a 986 horsepower twin-turbo 2.4 liter V-6 and 8 MegaJoule hybrid system. Anyone that looks at the two and sees similarities might be under the influence of something very potent.

    It's hard to spot the similarities because it's what's inside that matters. The GR HV uses the THS-R (Toyota Hybrid System-Racing), which is hybrid technology found in the TS050 hybrid race car. There are no details of that system for the GR HV just yet, other than there's going to be batteries packed in the middle with some sort of internal combustion engine located in the front.

    What's even wilder than the hideous front LED light cluster and the modern-esque slanted teardrop taillight design, is the strange looking shifter knob with a hidden button underneath the H-pattern. The first thing that came to my mind is "YES! I can pretend I'm a fighter pilot and flip up on that red H-pattern cover!" But this button represents something a lot more. The GR HV is actually an automatic car, but with the push of a button it can be driven manually.

    Mechanically speaking, it's hard to understand how a car can switch from an automatic driving mode to a standard manual transmission style of driving. Will there be a clutch involved? (The picture below suggests, maybe...) Is there a normal shift-fork that physically shifts idler gears into and out of the driving gears? Will all of this manual style of shifting be just some sort of sick placebo effect while all the electrons and computer whizzbang magic do all of the shifting? We don't yet know until we see it in person.

    The silver lining is this: Manual cars are and have always been dying. They make up for such a small percentage of sales that it's increasingly difficult for manufacturers to keep offering them. It's also quickly becoming ancient technology as dual-clutch transmissions (and newer automatic transmissions) are the norm for high performance cars, as they take out the errors and imprecision of manual shifting, while being able to shift at much faster speeds.

    However, manual cars are fun, and you can't and shouldn't kill fun things. We're not sure how in the automotive hell this automatic-manual system is going to work, but if it means that the manual is going to be kept around for a little bit longer, we're all in.

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    Comments (49)
    • pagani huayra already has this, an normal manual gearbox that can be controlled by electric motors automatic or by pressing shifterpeddels on the steering weel, but if you still have the choice for a clutch and stick. google the car, its impressive

      11 days ago
    • Exterior is a failed plastic surgery on the 86. Interested in the semi-manual (?) transmission though. It would be nice if it's a manual gearbox operated by electric motors, so the shifter and clutch pedal moves around as the transmission goes through the gears without the driver's control

      12 days ago
    • alfa tried this in the early 2000s with the q-system, unsurprisingly it was a miserable failure. so good luck with this toyota.

      13 days ago
      1 Bump
    • Oh snap!! This is honestly one of the best inventions they have done to modern cars, that is if it does work. Hopefully with this there will be more people droving manuals cause well they are 100% times more fun to drive that an automatic

      16 days ago
      • I'd wait to see if it has anything manual actually involved or you're just duped into thinking it is manual while a little microprocessor one-zeroes itself into thinking you're in...Read more
        15 days ago
        1 Bump
    • would rather have the button connected to noz

      23 days ago
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