What's VW place?

Am I missing something?

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On a normal day, you wouldn't see me near a one-make only event. There are so many ways you can modify a car and even fewer with Spain's rabbit hole of laws that prevent you from doing so... Unless you are willing to pay a lot of money, of course.

Said that, if there is a brand that I don't really care much about is VW. It's beige, on my mind.

They don't make cars particularly exciting or interesting. Or good looking. I mean, they are not hideous cars and awfull cars... They are just... Cars.

I guess that's why makes sense if they changed their whole line up for electric cars. Who would care? The R32 was the only kind of exciting car. With a VR6 and awd, sure, but now? What do they make that you wouldn't find in another brand for cheaper or with more horsepower? Or with more room? Or with more... reliability?

Sure "the mkI GTI is the greatest hot hatch of all time...." but is it though? Would you take it over the 205 GTi? You could take this article like just a rant but it... Okay, it kind of it's just a rant but also, seeing how wildly popular Polos and Golf are, gives you something to think about and realize that most people just want "a car". And when electric cars become more of a thing the new ID3 will sell like cupcakes. In fact, it's already being sold hugely fast here, where the infrastucture for EVs it's almost inexistent.

Here are two interesting cars that were parked outside and brought some attention.

Stay tuned for a very excited but comprehensive review of this TwinTurbo V6 legend.

Stay tuned for a very excited but comprehensive review of this TwinTurbo V6 legend.

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  • Every car is just a car depending on your point of view. I have owned two VW’s, a 74’ Super Beetle and a MK II Golf GTI as well as working on and enjoying many other VW’s with family and friends. They are quirky and unreliable but that is just part of their charm. Each VW comes with it’s own personality and offers a unique experience. I have owned and driven many vehicles from Europe and North America over the years and I have yet to find another make of vehicle that offers the experience and connectedness of VW. I personally love them but they are definitely not for everyone. Just my point of view. Thanks

      9 months ago
  • Your just WRONG my friend.

      9 months ago