What's your automotive new year's resolution?

41w ago


Look in the mirror and ask yourself this – what's your biggest flaw as a car fan? We all have our weaknesses (mine is brioche suisses and knowledge of pretty much any car pre 1985), and the changing of the year is always a nice time to sit back with a whiskey, take stock of the year that's just passed and promise that you'll be a better person next year. You liar.

So what will you change? Will you become the sort of person who even lets M3 owners out at junctions, or the sort of M3 driver who doesn't drift every roundabout outside primary schools?

Maybe there's a gap in your knowledge that you want to fill. Not so hot on hot rods? Perhaps 2019 will be the year you finally get intimate with a small block V8. Mentally, that is.

Leave your resolution in the comments. We'll check in at the end of 2019 to see how many of you stuck to your guns – in the meantime I've whipped around the office to see what the DriveTribe team are promising themselves.

Mercedes Amézola – Producer

"I really, really want to buy an old van and do it up and go travelling around Europe in it. I probably won't get a chance for a few years, but I can dream."

Mike Fernie – Staff Writer

"I'm resolving to spend less money on model [toy] cars. My collection is slowly taking over my desk as well, and people keep calling them 'toys' which I'm frankly indignant about."

Lucy Brown – Head of Audience Acquisition

"In 2019 I resolve to stop letting my brother make tasteless mods to our Mini. I'm not sure I'm gonna win this war though."

James King – Head of Audience Growth

"I want to drive my Panda 100hp more. But mostly I want to learn to take better photos of the sh*theap."

Jim Murray-Jones, Chief Partnerships Officer

"My son's just passed his driving test, so my New Year's resolution is to get him driving me to and from the local pub. Bring on the beers."

Jack Richardson – Social Media expert

"My Golf GTI has been a bit neglected since getting it this year, so… I vow to properly look after it, clear all those pesky warning lights from the dashboard and clean it. Occasionally."

What's your 2019 New Year's Resolution? Tell us in the comments!

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