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All the cars I've owned in chronological order - a photo history - part 1

4y ago

I used to have a picture of me with every car I've ever owned, but some photos were lost in a move. So here is every car I've ever owned, with some photos using stock images to cover the ones the ones whose photos were lost. Does anyone else have a photo compilation of all their cars?

The first car I ever owned (and ever drove) - a 1965 Plymouth Fury III convertible. It was my step-father's and he 'gave' it to me when I was 15.

The first car I ever purchased. I had saved up $800 to buy a car when I was 16. My sainted mother said she would match that amount if I allowed her to have veto power over my choices, and I agreed. After rejecting a hopped up Nova (with Thrush exhaust!), a 1969 Roadrunner with a 440, and a '67 A code Mustang, I finally (in frustration) asked her what her criteria was. "It has to be big enough so that you don't die in a car crash" she said. Out of spite I immediately went out to find the biggest car I could. This was it. And it was only $1,200 so I had $600 left over!

2nd car I ever purchased. 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 4 door. Blue Flame 6 with 3 on the tree. One of my favorite cars of all time. Practically indestructible, and she took me through my years of college in Texas. Many, many great stories in her which I will post here on occasion. She drove from Connecticut to Texas a dozen times with no mechanical issues (except for a loss of power brakes once on the highway, but she could still be stopped mechanically). The number one car I wish I had back.

Car #3 a 1975 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale convertible. Another great car, though badly abused by young me. I actually owned this car numerous times, only selling it with right of first refusal to repurchase (which I always did). The big American convertibles of the 1970's were wonderful cars, very unappreciated. You did not buy them for the driving dynamics, but rather for the driving experience - the fun of top-down driving with a bunch of friends cannot be over-estimated.

Car #4 a 1949 Mercury. Another great American sled with 8 cylinders and 3 on the tree. You may have noticed that I wasn't wealthy enough to buy the cooler two door coupes of my classic cars, but for a 21 year old kid, this was perfect. I loved this car too, but had so many offers from custom hot rod guys that I finally succumbed to the money. I wish I hadn't.

Car #5 (and cheating a little here as this is one of the cars for which photos have been lost) a 1984 Chrysler Laser. Also the first car I ever bought new. I had a great job at ESPN paying me much more than I was worth, and Lee Ioccoca told me through a commercial that I had to help save Chrysler, so I did. She was a good car as well, but tried to kill me on a number of occasions - the computerized electronic engine management system was new, and the bugs certainly weren't worked out (It is exciting to have your engine suddenly rev up to the redline all by itself, especially when you can do nothing about it). What disappointed me most was that the sheet metal was so thin. I hit a UPS truck (which was parked) and tore the right front fender back to the centerline of the front wheel. There was literally not a scratch on the UPS truck...

Part II tomorrow!


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