What's your car washing ritual?

2y ago


Washing the car is a bit like therapy for me and it's usually done on Sunday morning, weather permitting.

Washing the car is how I celebrated the New Year today and it also got a polish as well, mainly because we need some rain here and we all know the best way to make it rain is to wash your car!

My tools of the trade include a lambs wool mit for all over cleaning, one sponge for under car dirty bits and one for wheels.

I use a soft brush for wheels and two chamois; one for body and one for wheels. I don’t drag the chamois across the car, I pat the car dry. Something I learnt years ago off an episode of Top Gear.

Also one more tip, this one from James May of all people. If you have bugs stuck to the front of your car wet an old towel and lay it across the front of the car about an hour before you wash and this softens the bugs and they come off much easily.

Polishing is done with Autoglym and cheese cloth.

Happy New Year everyone!