- All photos: Fiona Easterby

What's your death race car?

4w ago


I turned up for a regular freelance camera job at Sky News yesterday and found this little baby parked in front of the building. Well I once drove my Beetle from the UK to Singapore, so you could say I'm a bit of a VW fan, and this one looked like it had a story to tell. I had to find out more.

Photo: Fiona Easterby

It turns out this is just one of many eccentric vehicles featuring in the new Sky One drama Curfew. The premise seems to be similar to Death Race; teams of racers risk their lives by defying curfew in a bid to escape the city and win their lives. There's a great cast too, including Sean Bean, Miranda Richardson and Billy Zane.

Who cares about the cast though, we want to see the cars! You catch a few glimpses in the trailer of 4 x 4's, a monster pick up, an ambulance, a Jaguar XJS and this camper. The production has been shrouded in secrecy so we won't really know much more till the first episode airs on Friday (UK - Sky One. First airing 2am).

Now, as much as I love old VW's, I have to say I don't think the camper would be my first choice in a race for my life. For one thing it's way too slow and they don't tend to be the most reliable things on the planet. My beloved Pedro the Baja Bug may well make the cut though, he's great off-road, air-cooled, will run on any old dirty fuel, has good nudge bars, a roll cage, spot lights and a new 1876 engine. So how about you? What would be your car of choice and why? Tell us in the comments, then come back after the show airs and share your thoughts on the programme.