What’s your earliest petrolhead memory?

5w ago


The other day I was looking through old photographs from when I was younger and I stumbled across some gems. This made me wonder, when did you begin your interest in cars? I know I have always had a strong passion for them, my first word was even 'car'.

- My first car

I was only 7 years old here standing next to a Veyron and F50. Memories I sadly don’t really remember too well but I’m glad I found these photos.

I also remember when the 2005 Ford GT came out as I was living in Dubai at the time and saw it at a car show. I remember it very well. It was blue... okay maybe I don’t remember it that well! Unfortunately, I can't find any pictures from that.

Another fond memory is when we used to go camping on the beach and my dad would let me drive around the beach in our Hyundai Galloper Excellence 2. A truly brilliant car much like the Mitsubishi Pajero we had after that. I would just like to clarify, by driving around the beach I mean he did the pedals and I did a bit of steering, I was only little then!

I would like to finish with a picture of me in an F1 car, I literally had no idea what all those buttons did!

- Brooklands Motor Museum

What is your earliest and most fond car related memory?