1w ago
- My favorite is the 2009 Brooklands. I think it is one of the purest cars made by Bentley. It is a massive coupe the size of the Flying Spur. It was a statement car about the ultimate luxury. Also they are super rare and just really handsome cars.

What's your favorite Bentley? And state why?

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  • Bentley Continental Flying Star

    Because it’s a coach built wagon? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      7 days ago
  • For me it's a tie between the dearly-departed Brooklands and the exquisite S2 Continental drophead coupé.

      7 days ago
  • New Continental GT W12. Very luxurious, very fast, and I think it’s the best looking Bentley ever

      4 days ago
  • Either the brooklands or the 4 1/2 litre supercharged

      6 days ago
  • I like the Arnage or the Turbo R, they’re both very classy

      6 days ago
    • Cool choices. The full name for the Turbo R is called the "Brooklands Mulliner R"

        6 days ago