What's your favorite engine of all time?

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With the world mostly locking themselves indoors (and rightly so), I imagine more and more of us petrolheads are heading to YouTube for their automotive fix. Just last night I went down a YouTube rabbit hole listening to Porsche 911 GT3 and Aprilia RSV4 engine noises, and I imagine I'm not alone.

The Porsche Mezger six and the Italian motorbike V4 are two of my favourite engines of all time. They sound incredible, rev like you wouldn't believe and – most importantly – give me the tingle every time I experience one, even if it's just through a 360p video recorded in 2001.

The wonderful thing about truly great engines is that you can appreciate them without driving or riding them. Which is handy, because while I do love a Ferrari V12, I've only driven one once (and I count myself incredibly fortunate for that moment).

Great engines don't just entertain the driver – they entertain every petrolhead in the valley as their exhaust tones echoes into the eardrums of excited kids, adults and octogenarians. They make restaurant-goers rudely ignore what their other halves were talking about, craning their necks away from their pizzas to see what just tore away from the stop sign outside.

I'm not saying that engines should be judged purely by sound. You might think that the greatest engine is one that makes its power in an effortless way – like an Audi SQ8's hybridised V8 diesel – or you might fancy an engine that uses clever tech to save fuel for other, more important things.

Tell us your favourite engine

So, I'm going to throw the floor open here – I want you to tell me what you think the greatest engine of all time is. Use the comments below and tell us why you think it's the greatest engine. Perhaps between us we can compile a list of engines to keep us all 'researching' over the coming weeks and months.

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  • It's my duty as Australian community manager to not only comment 'The Falcon Barra V8', but also to pin it to the top.

      1 month ago
  • Simple – BMW V12 in the McLaren F1.

      2 months ago