What's your favourite (Seiko) cocktail?

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    • Side Car (SSA346J1)
    • Margarita (SRPB44J1)
    • Blue Moon (SRPB41J1)
    • Skydiving (SRPE19J1, SSA3...
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    Comments (16)

    • My ā‚¹1100 Casio with a 10 year battery life.

        4 months ago
    • Prospex personally. Iā€™m liking this SPB125J ATM

        4 months ago
      • the problem with those is the price skyrocketed pretty much overnight. They're 50-60% more expensive than they were 1 or 2 years ago

          4 months ago
      • Love the Sumo, I prefer the standard rather than the dark one, but this is a great watch...

        The Sumo's caliber is not great but with acceptable precision, the steel bracelet has a cheap stamped lock, but the rest of the watch is simply...

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          4 months ago
    • The Negroni is missing.

      I would have considered it...

        4 months ago
      • you're right. For some reason I was absolutely convinced I'd put it there but clearly I didn't. Let me fix it

          4 months ago
    • Switzerland here: what is Seiko? šŸ˜‰

        4 months ago
    • #watches

        4 months ago