What's Your Most Embarrassing Stuck in Snow Story?

Winter is here (for most of us) & we've all done some stupid stuff when the white fluff hits the ground. So let's hear about it.

10w ago

When the white stuff hits the ground, most of us gearheads (petrolheads) have a smile on our faces. The thought of taking our cars out and finding an empty parking lot to slide our cars around for a bit is something that most of us have done at least once during our driving experience. But it could all end in tears or sometimes in embarrassment as we try to show off to our friends or push our cars beyond the limits.

So what's your embarrassing stuck in snow story? I'll start.

I own a 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart. Essentially, it has the same engine and AWD drivetrain as the Evo X but with slightly less power and different suspension & brakes.

All I did to it was give it proper snow tires for the winter season. One day it actually snowed here in Vancouver, Canada. Usually it rains. I was very excited to go to work that morning because I knew I could have a bit of fun around the corners getting the back end out.

I got to work with ease and in record time as most people decided to stay home. I parked my car on the lot of the Volvo dealership I was working at the time but I had left it in the service department side. I thought to myself "maybe I should move it and leave the extra spot for the service technicians". So I got into it, put it in drive, and it wouldn't go. I gave it more gas and I heard the front wheels slipping. In my mind I'm thinking "how could I get stuck now when on my way to work I didn't get stuck once". I checked to make sure that the traction control was off and that I was in the snow setting for the AWD system which sends up to 50% of the engine's power to the back wheels but the front wheels just kept spinning.

At this point I'm starting to panic because I didn't want to get out there and start shoveling. Then I looked down at my center console and noticed that the hand brake was still up. F@&k!! I put it down and the car gets out of the snow with ease. So I got "stuck in snow" because I overlooked something as simple as the handbrake.

What's your embarrassing stuck in snow story? (comment below)

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Comments (25)

  • We drove down to Mt. Baker to go skiing from Langley, BC, Canada. My friend had a 1988 Toyota pickup 4x4 with slightly larger tires and possibly a small lift, I can’t remember, but otherwise stock. The parking lot at the mountain was recently cleared by heavy equipment, and all the snow was pushed to one side in a big, gently sloping pile. After skiing, guys were seeing how far up they could get their (mostly American trucks) onto the pile and back down. Most were going straight at it slowly, and it being about a 20-30 deg angle, most were stopping as their rear wheels hit the pile, then backed out. Well, challenge accepted, my friend watched this for a bit and said, “watch this!”, and to demonstrate Toyota superiority, proceeded to drive up the pile with a bit of a run and 15-20 MPH of speed. We climbed up about 7-8 feet of height about 20 feet into the pile and started driving across the pile parallel to the edge, to great cheers from probably 60-80 onlookers. Then boom! The truck just stops and completely sinks right up to the bottom of the truck, with all 4 tires spinning uselessly. Well, about 2 hrs later in the complete dark we finally got pulled out by one of the American trucks. The shame and embarrassment.

      2 months ago
    • I loved that drive up Mt.Baker, the switchbacks and 4 metre snow banks near the ski area. Tire chains mandatory!

        2 months ago
  • I wasn’t in a car because I can’t legally drive yet but it rained and the next day it went below freezing so my driveway was completely frozen over. And because my driveway is a hill I tried waking up it 3 times and slid down it all three times so i had to crawl up on all 4s to the road and barely make it in time to board the bus. Not a fun time

      2 months ago
  • From the snow belt. Have never had a problem. Used to practice driving on an outdoor hockey rink and every snow covered parking lot I could find for the last 30 years plus. Every single vehicle I have ever owned plus many more have gone round and round, with lots of sideways action, in parking lots so I know how they will react (and a 27' flatbed among others - yes, I'm THAT guy). It's how you make sure you you don't meet conditions for which you aren't prepared plus DONUTS are fun. Learn how to control your vehicle in adverse conditions. It's a life saver!!!

    *At 55mph in an 85 325e went totally sideways, almost 45 degrees, on a overpass. Good thing I knew what to do!!! No issue. Just slightly higher heartrate.

    **make sure you know the environment prior to snow. You really don't want to be sideways when you meet a parking stud.

      2 months ago
  • Here’s a funny one. A close relative of mine bought a Bentley Bentayga. We were driving around Connecticut in January, he told me to give it a go, but failed to tell me that the car was still on summer tires. Now, This is a car that is stellar off-road, but not on summer performance tires. So, I was stopped at a light on a somewhat steep incline. Light turns green all four wheels spin up, and this 40-ton hunk of lead starts sliding backwards. Luckily the people behind me reversed, as the brakes on this thing (no matter how massive) did absolutely nothing. Now, if you ever wanted to look like the world’s biggest dick try sliding down a gentle hill in a bright red $300k Bentley SUV.

      2 months ago
  • It was a very snowy winter, and I was in a 2007 Ford Focus, and had been sent to a quarry up in the mountains to demand they pay a (very) overdue bill. Managed to wrangle with them to get them to pay there and then.

    Then, after pulling out of of the quarry entrance, I proceeded to immediately slide down the hill, and get stuck in the snow. Was between to huge hills, so I couldn’t make progress going either direction.

    Ended up having to sheepishly call the quarry I had demanded the overdue bill off to send a tractor to pull me out XD

      2 months ago