Whats your personal Speed Record? | Poll
    • more then 300 mph (about 500 kmh)
    • between 250-300 mph (400-500 kmh)
    • between 200-250 mph (320-400 kmh)
    • between 150-200 mph (240-320 kmh)
    • between 100-150 mph (160-240 kmh)
    • between 50- 100 mph (80-160 kmh)
    • between 20-50 mph (30-80 kmh)
    • less then 20 mph (less then 30 kmh)

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    Comments (17)

    • 47 kmh


      You know how.

        2 years ago
    • My MX5 won't go much faster than 115mph, but i've been a passanger in a golf r doing over 150

        2 years ago
    • Back in 2004 I had a Kawasaki ZX12R, it had a Akrapovic race system, a power commander and had it all set up by a brilliant tuner, who used to tune the late Dave Jeffries TT machines. The bike put out 184 bhp at the wheel, 204 at the crank, that was a fast bike, I mean stupid fast. No euro meddling cats or emisions crap to strangle it. On a fast stretch in spain , where we were on our own Grand tour, my pals had Vmax'd their steeds at 186mph, I sailed past them as if they had hit a wall, I saw 220mph, probs a true 200 ish

        1 year ago
    • I've been over 400mph in an Airplane πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but have to say around 160 on a motorcycle and around 175 in a car. Both on track days... πŸ–’

        2 years ago
    • 100kmh πŸ˜‚, only had two driving lessons yet

        2 years ago


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