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What's Your Strangest Repair Shop Experience?

Do you have a bizarre or funny story? Let us know!

1y ago

The next time you're in the repair shop, it might be interesting to ask the mechanics some fun questions and you might hear some truly insane stories from them.

Last night I went down to a generic retail-chain auto shop to get an oil change. Upon paying, I asked the mechanic which type of car is the most worked on at the shop. To my surprise, he said it's the Ford F-150. North America's best selling vehicle seems to be one of the most frequent visitors for repairs! Fords as a whole are repeat offenders. He said Jeeps are a close second.

FORD = Fix Or Repair Daily... Found On Road Dead ||Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

FORD = Fix Or Repair Daily... Found On Road Dead ||Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

I asked what the craziest thing is he encountered at the shop in terms of servicing. He had a good one ---

One time, a man brought in his Tesla for an oil change.

He was not joking.

Since last night, I have been baffled by how someone can buy a Tesla and not understand that they don't need oil changes, because well, there's no oil in them. This goes to show that some people have no idea what car they buy, nor do they care. The Tesla owner also wanted a tire rotation, to which the shop had to decline the service because the auto lifts are not equipped to fit Teslas and thus would have destroyed the flat undercarriage.

So, next time you find yourself at the repair shop (hopefully for nothing major!) ask some of the employees for crazy stories, because they surely have plenty! Or do you have your own?

Share your strange/funny repair shop story in the comments!

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Comments (18)

  • The older lady who had a new front tyre fitted and asked the fitter if he could put the valve at the top of the wheel so she didn't have to bend down so low to check the tyre pressure...

      1 year ago
  • Car went in, came out with a speeding ticket in my postbox 3 days later

      1 year ago
    • WOW! Did you go back and find out what happened?

        1 year ago
    • They said they had to calibrate the dash cam. I’m sorry but it records and saves the recording, just put it in the middle. In reality they went for a joyride doing about 90mph. The real driver got banned and we paid nothing

        1 year ago
  • Lady customer comes in asks me,it takes me ages to top my oil up , show me where your putting it , down the dipstick tube !!

      1 year ago
  • I took my newly imported MG-ZT into a local garage for it’s provincial safety inspection. On the phone the inspector said”It won’t pass. I’m very thorough”

    When I went on pick up the car he said it had failed for a non-DOT marked headlight. I showed him the DOT marking on the lens. He said, Not that lens, the other one. “ I pointed out to him that both lights had the same lens with a piece of plastic trim separating the high and low beams. He got so red he just about exploded but I got my pass...First time! 😂

      1 year ago
  • In an authorized dealership they told me that my car doesn't have cabin filter at all (from the factory). I told them "What the frak did I change myself last spring?" I explained them where to look for it. I am never going back. Utterly ridiculous.

      1 year ago