I am a petrolhead, but that doesn’t mean that I have to mess around with electric cars daily. I love electric cars a lot now.

You see, I respect the combustion cars of today, and I’ll always choose the car over any other type of transport. Thing is though, today an R8 comes with more fake air vents than a Stinger GTS, which is why nowadays car makers better be called car fakers you know.

Everything on the electronic car is so fake now, that I’d rather have a Battista over a bunch of both V8 Tributos and SF90s. If there’s going to be no proper manual on board, then I’m not going to care about plasticky paddle shifters either. Yes, I know there’s no mechanical art inside a Battista but, in a world of fakers…Plus I think it’s both cleaner and more beautiful than a mid-engined Ferrari of today to be honest.

We already ditched the electric car once back in the early 1900s, so it’s thanks to petrol-powered transportation that we’ve been able to build the world we’re living in right now. Yes, right now I might be looking at electric cars before I look at the internal combustion ones, but I also look at classics way more than I do the electric ones.

So here’s the thing, if carmakers have become fakers and the electric car is back, probably it’s because we need to give electricity a second chance and look the other way for once, because the more we promote the electric mobility, the more chances we’ll have to save the classic mechanical car on the other hand -look at Elon Musk, there's an F1 McLaren in his garage -, and not just cars but everything historical, from a moped to a Spitfire, because killing the combustion engine will be synonym of killing over a hundred years of history.

It’s been about a year now that I’ve been thinking that these two words, car and automobile, should mean from now on different things, because the car would be thing of petrolheads, and then the automobile for the other 90% of the world who only care about getting from A to B and don’t even know what the wiper fluid is, which is the same 90% we should let go fully electric, and not just with cars. Anyway, we still cannot separate these two words, because electric or not, it’s still a history of ours.

In conclusion, as I said before, let’s promote the electric car of today because we cannot let all these hippies and greengrocers take us back to the 19th century with their f***ing bicycles. Same goes for motorcycles, the car is the evolution of the horse carriage as the motorcycle is of the bicycle, so let’s get on with it, shall we?

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