Wheelie life

2y ago


To start the Tribe, I thought it would be appropriate to write about what a major part of this tribe is all about. Wheelies!

I am totally addicted to the high life. High life as in keeping the front wheel pointing upwards... Much to the detriment of the local popo. So it goes without saying that this addiction comes at a cost, but life's to short to worry about that!

Let's get to it then... Showing off! Performing wheelies should never be about proving your ability to others. That's when you more often than not find yourself embracing the tar. Been there, done that!

Pushing the limit..

Wheelies, for me, is all about that emotion. That childlike joy! Pushing what should be possible. Taking that fear and turning it into BRAAAP. :)

Until next time... Keep'em high!