When a 1005HP Audi Quattro Drag Racer tried HillClimb Racing

Jeffry Sol and his brutally Loud Audi Quattro SWB at Retro Rides Gathering

With its Straight 5 cylinder engine producing 1005Hp and prepared by High Octane Racing (from Netherlands) mainly for Drag racing, this is Jeffry Sol´s Monster. Invited for some Demo runs in a Retro Rides Gathering event in Prescott Hillclimb, the final result was something quite special...

Obviously, this Monster was not properly tuned for Hillclimb racing duties, but there´s no denying to the immense show it put on and how mesmerizing it is to hear the mythic Audi engine unit sounds when tuned to such lunatic values.

And a special word must be given to those who organize Retro Rides Gathering and remember year after year to invite some pretty unique Monsters that in normal conditions would never experiment running a Hillclimb. Along the years they had Peter Pentell´s "LaSupra", Triple B Engineering´s Mazda RX-7, among many others.

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