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When a 450Hp Turbo V6, 335´s tires, all the width and a Civic EG6 collide...

As far as exaggeratedly cool goes, the LoveFab Civic really has few competitors to match..

3y ago

Some Race Car enthusiasts take things further than others but when you have a spare set of 335/18/710 slick wheels and decide to slap them on an already crazy Turbo V6 swapped 93´Honda Civic EG6 you know you are dealing with a Bona Fide Race Car Lunatic...Enter then Cody Loveland and Aric Streeter of LoveFab...

Cody Loveland is the founder/owner of LoveFab and creator of several outrageous Honda based Monsters along the years, while Aric Streeter is the new owner of the outrageous machine you just witnessed.

Powered by a Turbocharged J32A2 engine (from an Acura CL Type-S for example) capable of around 450Hp on a conservative state of tune, this project was already quite unique but things just went haywire some months ago when the aforementioned Monstruous wheels were added to the mix.

So now, the goal has changed and after using the Empire Hill Climb as a sort of Shakedown test, this Beast is moving onto Time Attack to be turned into the fastest FWD competitor in the sport. While a difficult and ambitious objective it is, so are the methods and solutions applied. And without revealing too much as we certainly do not want to spoil anything from the next time we make an article featuring this very special Civic, we leave a little taster of things to come...

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