When a 900+ Hp GT-R engine is stuffed inside a MINI to climb Pikes Peak...

BMW should take the hint and stop playing around..

On the 2013 edition of Pikes Peak International HillClimb one of the most important entries was of Jean Phillipe Dayraut at the wheel of a VR38DETT powered spaceframed MINI.

Capable of over 900Hp and weighing less than 1000Kg, this absolute Monster was the evolution of the machine the French driver had been using on Pikes Peak on the two years before, the Dacia Duster Pikes Peak Special, which you can see here too:

Dayraut would go on to post a very fast chrono of 9.42 min, good enough for a 3rd place overall, despite braking problems on the last third of the event. Such braking problems already occured in the Dacia version, even preventing him to conquer the title of "King of the Mountain" in 2012 when he achieved the last sector as the fastest competitor of the day.

Nevertheless such problems were solved, but this Monster was never raced on the mythic Colorado Springs mountain again. Instead, it was being sold for the small price of 250.000€ after 2014 and nowadays we just don´t know what is being done with it or if it will ever race again. We sure hope so as 2018 looks like the greatest year for Hillclimbing in a long time...

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