When a Supercharged BMW M3 E36 and a Physics Professor join forces...

Final result could be seen at Knox Mountain HillClimb and it is quite unique

Canadian Physics professor and part-time Racing driver André Marziali was once again once again on the final Podium of Knox Mountain HillClimb, placing 3rd Overall and 2nd amongst Touring Cars in this year´s edition of the Race.

His BMW E36 continues its evolution, displaying an even more outlandish looking Aerodynamic package with a fully new front-splitter alongside a newly redesigned sealed floor, all alongside the other two elements that always diffeentiated this E36 from the rest: its enormous Rear Wing and the chopped and lowered roof. All this was designed by Mr. Marziali himself, making this way both his scientific knowledge and passion for motorsports work together.

Weighing in at around 1000Kg, it still uses a Supercharged 3.0L N52 engine unit, with the straight 6 unit now producing a little over 500Hp/8.000Rpm. And at the end of the day, we will always be curious to see what more will the future and Mr. Marziali´s studies hold for this quite unique BMW unit...

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