When abyss of German science is lit to dark.

Or destruction of entire series by one car. Porsche 917/10.

4w ago


Do you remember Can-Am?

Was lots of fun.

Much more so than F1.

But why don't we have it anymore?

Because German engineers,

Got too much room to explore.

Competition is dictated by rules,

But Can-Am had so few,

You could power any car by mule.

So getting bored of Le Mans wins,

Engineering of 917/10 begins.

With oil running through the chasie,

An engine of 800hp big and massive.

It was time for a thing someone would call,

Porsche's classic.

Change of leaders fast and drastic.

In an unfair fight,

McLaren decided,

For quitting there's no better timing.

Even now i feel sorry for those,

Who decided to stay,

For better or worse.

To insure dominance would run its course,

Abyss of German science ,

Was lit like never before.

Penske was pushing for more.

He wanted to see competition,

Drowned in gore.

To scatter the remains around,

Another turbocharger,

Started to blow out.

In freshly made hurricane,

Track turned into a massive blood stain.

Competition now nowhere to be found,

And just like that Can-Am was out.

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