When an Anime is based on Reality - The Real Initial D

Initial D is a Japanese Manga made to an Anime Series, featuring a teenage boy drifting through the mountains of Japan in a Toyota AE86 Trueno.

3y ago

Art Imitates Reality

A Youtube blogger has found the real Takumi Fujiwara. If you are unfamiliar to the Initial D series, the basic premise involves a highly skilled teenage driver in a sleeper car, a Toyota AE 86, taking on other highly skilled drifters in their much more superior sports cars: RX-7s and GTRs. The show captures the underdog drama/struggle set in the scenario of Japanese drifting and high octane illegal racing.

I grew up watching this series as a teenager and it introduced me to the underground drifting scene of Japan. Throughout the action and well developed plot lines, the anime never hinted that this story was based on a real person and his family.

Thanks to Drift Hunter Albo, we can go about our days knowing the real Takumi Fujiwara exists in Japan, tearing up the roads into the sunset. Check out the video below.

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