When an Escort Mk2 is powered by a 9.000Rpm 2.0L V6 Touring Car Engine

A 70´s RWD Machine powered by a 90´s Touring Car Motor conquering Hillclimbs in 2018

Reto Steiner drives one of the most unique and fastest Ford Escort Mk2 units in European Hillclimb Racing, powered by the 2.0L V6 unit that was used on the Ford Mondeo Touring Cars of the late 90´s.

With around 310Hp/9.000Rpm powering the Rear Wheels thorugh a 6-speed Sequential Gearbox, and weighing under 900Kg, it benefits also from the fact that Mr. Steiner is no slouch behind the wheel. In fact, he seems to squeeze every bit of performance for the RWD Classic Ford in every event like you can see here at Oberhallau Bergrennen 2018.

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  • One of the best looking Fords made.

      2 years ago