When car and architecture are a perfect match

This SEAT 600 has spent its whole life under a unique roof designed by a renown architect.

Without a doubt the SEAT 600 is the most popular car in Spain. The small car was key to put the country on four wheels after a long post war era.

Starting in the 50’s decade, a new generation of Spanish architects began to give a new, modern image to the cities all around the country, designing unique buildings following the latest trends, and using new and modern materials. Names like Fisac, Saenz de Oiza or De la Sota, were among the most notable ones.

Miguel Fisac, designed in the late 50s a roofed parking to be placed at the Statistic College in Madrid. The wavy design of the pillared roof, built of concrete was revolutionary.

This SEAT 600 is another late 50s icon, like the place where is parked. This little white 600E was built and registered in 1972 and since then has been in hands of the building janitor and his family. Always parked under the beautiful Fisac roof, and next to the A6 highway, it has been welcoming the drivers entering Madrid for 49 years. Recently restored from its bruises and age marks, it will be probably there, making a gorgeous mid 20th century scene for many more years.

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  • Hey Salvador. A short story, but very entertaining. Building that concrete wavy structure was a huge challenge back in the ‘50’s. Now they would fabricate pre-cast concrete sections in a factory and drop them into place, but they wouldn’t have such a nice smooth look.

    The SEAT 600 is the perfect car to sit under the canopy. It almost looks like the architect intended it to be there. And after restoration, it appears to be in mint condition. This janitor takes good care of his little car.

    What will happen when the janitor retires? He’s not a young man anymore. Someone should make arrangements to keep the car in the same place as a work of art.

      5 days ago
    • Thanks a lot David!! I really don't know much about building techniques, but i guess this was built using metallic moulds on-site, and pouring the concrete over them to achieve the wavy shape,

      The janitor is a very old man now, i met him the...

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        1 day ago
    • What a wonderful story!

        1 day ago
  • That is a beautiful pairing. The curves go together so well.

      4 days ago
  • When you think about it, there’s a big chance that my Spanish E28, delivered by a dealership in Madrid, and that little Seat crossed their paths once.

      5 days ago
    • I'm absolutely sure they did Guido! This 600 is just at the Madrid entry of the A6 highway, one of the busiest of the city! 😀

        1 day ago
  • Little Britain, is such a self centred, isolationist island, that until your article I was entirely unaware of this Spanish architectural movement. It's quite stunning, as is the little 600 snoozing beneath its shade.

      5 days ago
    • To get a good understanding of Spanish history and how each successive government interacted with the Spanish and International automobile industries, you should read all if Salvador’s posts. They are interesting and readable.

        5 days ago
    • Actually, I do. He knows things that I do not, and that alone makes him an interesting fellow, plus he has an engaging writing style that draws you along with the narrative. As you say, well worth following, David.

        5 days ago