When did your ford obsession begin?

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1y ago


For me, the Ford love began at a very young age thanks to my father. I have fond memories of visiting my father not just because he was a great dad, but because he had the coolest car i'd seen. The XC Falcon panel van. This car stirred emotions for anyone back in the day.

The 1977 XC Falcon was a thing of legends. This was the year that Ford won with a 1,2 formation finish at Bathurst. Allan Moffat also won the 1977 Australian Touring Car Championship whilst driving an XB GT and then XC GS Falcon.

It would have been the early '90's when my father bought his XC Panel Van and it still looked immaculate and drove like a dream. Back then driving the back roads of Auckland was a common thing (No big congested motorways back then) And going for a cruise up West and North of Auckland in this car was such an amazing thing. This was my first real memory of falling in love with Fords. It would be another 20 years until I owned my first Falcon but whilst I was late to the party it's a party that I am pleased to have joined.

My current love. 2009 Ford Falcon G6E Turbo

I would love to hear your stories of what made you fall in love with Ford Australia.

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  • one of my five panel vans

    1 year ago
  • 1973 when i came to Australia as an eight year old

    1 year ago


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