When German and Italian Spyder's Meet

OK so not to much writing in this one but i was requested by two very good friends of mine asked if i could do a brief shoot of there two cars one had just got his the Blue Audi R8 V10 Spyder and the other is about to sell his the Black Ferrari F430 Spyder.

These two cars really are something truly special with there own little details touches that make them stand out on there own merit but together well they where not a boring site to be hold. But enough of my chit chat i shall let these shots speak for them selves we will be seeing more of the Blue R8 soon too so keep your eyes peeled.

I chose this location because it gave enough darkness to light paint but also to capture some passing traffic light trails.

Such a purposeful looking beast.

With these shots i really wanted to give the idea of going out on that early evening or morning run and that moment where you just pull over for 5 mins to take it all in.

we also found this little courtyard which had some nice lighting if a little intense.

Again just sat waiting to hit the road.

Now for a little R8 action.

Such a beautiful car in this blue.

The body lines really do pop with the light painting. (from a shoot perspective you can just see a bit of condensation creeping in on the front which is a challenge at this time of year in the Uk.)

A bit of cheeky trial of concept with this shot so i decided to include it.

Probably one of my favourite shots from the shoot the four lights two the right with the four rings to the left.

As i say just a brief article this time more of that R8 soon.


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