When getting a good deal goes wrong

5w ago

My suv looks absolutely ridiculous and I hate it. To qoute my friend RJ "it looks like a t-rex. It has a big head a little arms"... So to give a little bit of backstory I recently bought a set of winter tires, and with me being the genius that I am I decided I'm going to try and save some money and take a look on facebook marketplace, (not the best choice I know) but I thought I lucked out and was able to find a set of 17" mercedez rims wrapped in pirelli winter tires for a decent price. My suv was sitting on 22" helo rims but came with 17s from factory so I thought it would be a non issue. I picked up the wheels in box and went straight to the tire shop, an hour later I came back and was greeted by the utter tragedy pictured above. Now here i sit with my big brother laughing at me out of in his lifted 4runner as he dropped me off to get my vehicle fresh in mind I'm back looking for new tires. I have been told I can put larger tires on my new rims no problem my brother even offered me a set of mud and snow tires for cheap but I have also been advised not to put them on because they have a wider width than the current tires. So i have to ask who's right? Can I put larger tires on these rims and if so how much larger can I go? current tires are 205/50r17. I could use some suggestions - Sincerely a guy that hopes he didnt waste his money

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  • You can certainly go bigger. I would look for 225/65 R17s or something that you can get more height and width from. The first number is always width and the second is sidewall length.

      1 month ago