10w ago

When I first heard of the defender I was completely in love it is just the best with all of the different variations

The best is the 110 pick up truck as it’s a beautiful blend of my love with pick up trucks and the amazing defender

But when they ended the production of the old model and came out with the new model i was hesitant as I couldn’t imagine another defender taking over the world

But to be honest I love it just not the same way I like the other it’s too expensive and I don’t like how low the bumper hangs and the fact that it’s to modern to actually get dirty It might sound weird but it’s no longer a farm vehicle more of a small nice different looking discovery

So there it is that’s that I want it but I’m not old enough and I have no money but the thing is I like the older versions

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  • Cool thanks

      2 months ago
  • Loved it

      2 months ago