When is the Right time to Upgrade your Car

Here are some criteria which will help you in figuring out when is the right time for an upgrade.

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Every machine needs maintenance and remodeling. Just like we change phones for better features and functioning, cars need structural and functional upgrades to be in their best condition. Different experts have different opinions when it comes to upgrading your car ranging from the number of years you have had the car to the number of miles you have driven it for.

Here are some criteria which will help you in figuring out when is the right time for an upgrade-

The first criteria in the checklist is the number of kilometres. The yearly average lies in the range of 10,000-20,000, anything more than that is excess. If you have driven your car more than 1,00,000 kilometres (overall) since you bought it, it’s considered overdriven and needs an immediate upgrade. If the usage of the car is excess, it implies that the condition of the car is not good and the quality delivered by it has considerably deteriorated.

Accidents and Rough usage of a car contributes to being a major reason to upgrade it. Accidents damage both external and internal parts of the car, the majority of the times one doesn’t realise the internal damages which eventually become a hindrance in the normal functioning of the car. Some people love to travel and they take their cars to different adventurous destinations while some are fans of rash driving and speed. All of this results in the wear and tear of different parts, some remain undetected. Hence it is absolutely a compulsion to upgrade your car in any of these cases.

One more major reason to upgrade your car is if there has been some damage to any of the major parts of the car due to any reason. For example- If you need to replace your suspension, the cost of replacing it is a huge amount, so it’s always better to upgrade your car instead. The same applies to other important and expensive parts of the car which obviously also depends on the model of the car.

One of the biggest reasons for a car upgrade is the pollution it causes. Even if you haven’t faced any huge issues with your car, the engine is eventually going to cause more pollution due to some or the other reason. It can also be because of driving less and for a small amount of time. This calls for an upgrade as it is not only harmful for the environment, but it also puts the passengers’ lives at risk.

Summing it up, if your car has been subject to any of the above, you are up for an upgrade!

If you have no such situations and you have been using your car in the most efficient manner, the best time for an upgrade is 8 years.

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