When it rains Tesla Model 3s literally fall apart

This is not a good sign

2y ago

Production problems have been plaguing the Tesla Model 3 for as long as anyone can remember, with Elon Musk's company lurching from one crisis to another. There is something new every week, whether it be their inability to fulfill their customers' orders, a hero diver being slandered on Twitter or suing an ex-employee for alleged sabotage.

I present to you this week's instalment of The Hilarious Adventures of Elon & Friends. New Model 3 owner Rithesh Nair had reportedly only been enjyoing his silent cruising for a mere half hour when clouds started to leak and, it seems, the car's bumper simply fell off.

On the list of things you might expect to encounter when driving your brand new car, this is pretty far down the list. It seems that this was not an isolated incident; another Model 3 driver, Ben Franks, tweeted a very similar image.

Avid tweeters have suggested that the problem might be to do with the cloth-like shielding on the underside of the car, which is supposed to deflect water and debris around and below the bumper. It seems that, if a bit of this shielding becomes loose, water can be forced into the bumper cover, essentially pulling the bumper off the car.

Tesla released the following statement in response to the tweets: 'We’re setting an extremely high bar for Model 3, and what happened in this situation is not how we build our cars. We’re investigating the issue to understand what caused it, and we are contacting our customers to resolve this and ensure they are satisfied.'

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Comments (61)

  • Why can't you just read the manual of the car?

    There are just 3 rules that a Tesla owner must follow:

    1) no bright light

    2) don't get the car wet

    3) don't feed the car after midnight.

    Follow the rules and everything will be fine....

      2 years ago
  • Let me guess - the bumper is glued on with an organic ,water soluble adhesive ?

      2 years ago
  • It's an automatic funtion of the car, it sheds it's bumpers to reduce weight in order to extend battery life, genius.

      2 years ago
  • But nobody in the states wants to touch an Alfa because of how they were 20 years ago

      2 years ago
  • All you have to do is look at any Tesla parked next to just about any other modern car, and the lack of build quality is the first thing you see on a Tesla. Can't wait to see what a ten year old Tesla looks like. Guessing there won't be many.

      2 years ago