When one rear wing just isn't enough

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This is the Ford Escort Cosworth from UT Models. I'm a huge fan of this vintage diecast brand. They were the AutoArt before AutoArt was AutoArt. Most of the models are as old as our youngest LaLDers, but you can’t beat the details, car selection, and price! Classic Porsches, McLarens, and BMW's from the 90's can all be had from UT.

The Escort Cossie was never a car I intended to add to my collection, but eBay is the root of all evil and recommended that I watched this particular auction. Surprisingly, I was the winner at a low $37! It had been displayed before but still had its original box. Sadly, the hood came off during its delivery to me (blue painters tape is not good enough, people) but I was able to get it back in without issue.

The iconic rear double-wing is wild, but the rear hatch does not open. The interior is fully detailed albeit a little dusty. The lenses are all fantastic as are the tampo printed badges. One flaw that stands out is the classic UT flaw: brake rotors but no calipers!

I know that Minichamps also produced one of these bad boys and Norev just announced their model, but the UT is still my choice at $40.

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