When Porsche decided to let us have a look...

...but the Photography Director had taken a break

It is not uncommon for car manufacturers, to cover the design features they want to hide from the competition. This is why they "spoil" their cars' appearance with that hideous "camo" on the outside and bits of cloth and carpet hanging from the dashboard on the inside. This is apparently the case with the pictures that have just been released for the new 911, courtesy of autoevolution.

​This is supposed to be a test-driver/engineer working away on his laptop, when a photographer pops-up out of nowhere and takes a picture. Initially he is startled.

​Then he tries to put his hand in front of the camera lense, in order to protect his "top secret" from the "evil competitors". It is totally accidental that the camera does not focus on his fingers, but instead on the new Carrera instrument layout, consisting of a central analogue revolutions counter and the digital instruments we are familiar with from other Porsche models.

​Now it seems like he has kept the photographer at a safe distance...but hang on a minute! What's that on his left hand? He wasn't wearing that before!

OK Porsche! Nice story! We really like the effort...but I'll stick to the old 964 layout thank you very much.

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