When That South African Skyline R32 GT-R only had 1200Hp...

The brutal Skyline GT-R R32 of Desmond Gutzeit passed through different stages. This is one of the earlier versions.

The 1400Hp Skyline we featured on our Tribe before was the final product of a finely tuned Monster, product of years of development. On 2014 and with 1200Hp this is how it looked like...

Quite impressive already. Then again, such an amount of power will always produce some staggering images. For those unaware, this is Monster is a former Drag Racing car converted into an Hillclimb Racing machine to conquer a South African event that goes by the name of Knysna Simola Festival.

On the edition you have just watched these images from, it got a 2nd Place overall while posting a 41.7 seconds chrono on the 1.9Km course..- As we said, quite impressive..

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  • It sounds like an actual person screaming lol

      2 years ago