When The 600Hp Mégane RS Rallycross Monster tried Hillclimb Racing

GC Kompetition owner Guerlain Chicherit displays the capabilities of this Prodrive-tuned WRX contender

One of last season's most spectacular and unique moments in French hillclimb racing was the Special Guest appearance of GC Kompetition owner Guerlain Chicherit on St. Goueno Hillclimb at the wheel of his Renault Mégane RS RX by Prodrive for some fully committed demonstration runs.


One of the machines fighting every year for the World Rallycross Championship title, the Mégane RS RX is built by the legendary British motorsport group Prodrive (Subaru WRC, Mini WRC, etc...) in collaboration with professional skier and freerider Guerlain Chicherit's rallycross team GC Kompetition. It features a longitudinally mounted bespoke 2.0-litre turbocharged engine built by Prodrive, with Prodrive's in-house antilag system, all controlled by a Cosworth ECU.

Unlike most rallycross cars, which use McPherson struts, the Mégane has a double wishbone suspension system, along with unique in-board brakes, with the brake caliper fixed to the gearbox on the front axle and to the differential on the rear axle. Equipped also with a quite uncommon Xtrac five-speed sequential manual transmission, it's a pretty daring machine even in the already extreme rallycross environment, and certainly one all fans enjoyed immensely to watch on the French hillside.

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