- 3 Daytona 675R's 1, Daytona 675, 1 Triumph Street Tripple, and 1 CBR 600f


Don't be fooled by the title . Well yes, we were joined by a couple of superbikes en-route Mysore and did take a picture or two of them. We saw them first however through the window of our car. And not just any car. It was a very comfy, boring- to-drive 2008 Toyota Innova.

An impromptu trip to anywhere really was much needed after a hectic week and after a few tiringly long conference calls with a few friends, we decided on the destination. Mysore is probably every retired mans’ dream destination after staying in a city like Bangalore. It’s got all the right city vibes, without the usual traffic, noise, and other pollution. However , none of us ever having been employed in the first place, retirement surely a non-existent thought in our minds, retirement home shopping was certainly not on our to-do list.

After bickering over a possible mode of transport, we voted to travel by car as 150+ kilometres would be no joke for the pillions if we were to travel by bikes especially considering that the line-up would comprise an RC 390 and two nakeds. I didn’t complain because I had to pick up a friend who stayed on the outskirts of the city and then travel to college which was to be our rendezvous point where I would switch to the car, hence covering approximately 70 kilometres in the process. Most would consider that a road trip in itself!

Our car for the day.

After getting up from bed and getting ready, I made my way to my friends’ on possibly the least crowded roads ever. After picking her up, I rode to N.I.C.E road as that would be the fastest way to get from two ends of the city , skipping all signals and traffic, and sure enough, 35 km were covered in a time of 15 minutes flat, my bike running at almost full chat the whole way.

Hopping into the car, we set off on our journey after a top up of fuel. We used N.I.C.E. road once again and after getting off it, we decided to take the road less travelled by instead of the usual, and usually crowded Bangalore – Mysore highway. Worked in our favour not only because of the absence of traffic but also because of the incredibly scenic countryside. En-route we stopped for breakfast at a small local joint where the waiter also had the job of getting peoples’ attention on the highway by whistling and jumping in front of cars to get them to stop for a bite. Quite a bit of fun watching him at work. He had managed to reel in a couple of superbikes and so I decided to use the opportunity to take a few pics .

These guys have certainly practiced their parking arrangement the night before.

Now Mysore has a lot of places to visit like the Mysore Maharajah’s palace, Sri Chamarajendra Zoo, Namdroling Nyingmap Monastery, Somnathpur temple, Chamundi Hills, Srirangapatna, Brindavan Gardens and Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary amongst others, but since we were only making a one-day trip, we didn’t have time to do much. So on our arrival, we headed straight to the Mysore palace, which was surprisingly not as crowded as we thought it would be. After admiring the artwork and intricacies inside, we clicked some snaps in the courtyard and headed out for lunch to a hotel located opposite R.K Narayans ’(Well known for Malgudi days amongst his other work) house which was now open to the public .

A good hour spent in his house, we then hit the road once again, this time to return to Bangalore, but not without stopping at Brindavan Gardens on the way back. The weather was lovely with the slight hint of a drizzle. This made the visit to the garden all the more enjoyable. A few running races later, we had covered the whole garden and head back to the car for our final return to Bangalore.

Three of us sitting in the back seats wanted to stretch our legs and probably take a nap and that’s when it hit us that the middle row could be folded front. This way we had ample space to rest our feet. Night fell silently upon us, but not long before we realized we had taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way and were now 'only' 25 kilometres off- route, passing through small villages and paddy fields which extended our drive back by around 45 minutes . All was well though and we reached Bangalore by 21:00 hours and in time for dinner.

Stretched out!

After having driven us around all day we let the owner of the car decide where he wanted to eat and we all found ourselves ,after picking up my bike ,at the nearest Subway. The 12 inch Sub was soon devoured and I then proceeded on the last leg of my journey and head home after bidding adieu to the four others. Riding my bike back was amazing. She was running smooth as butter, the roads were empty and in a mere 25 minutes I had covered nearly 18 kilometres and after reaching home, jumped straight into bed. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Total distance covered : 423 km