When trucks ask for detailing

Russia is the biggest country in the World and is located both in Europe and Asia. It looks like only in Russia you can find regions where 90% cars driven are "right-handed", althought Russia is a "left-handed" country. You can also find all kind of car brands in Russia - European, Asian, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese cars and of course as a being a huge country with big roads we love American trucks and SUVs.

Ford F-250 lifted with chip-tuned engine.

This story is about the truck which was detailed after 3-years of hard times. It is not the only car in garage of this owner. It is only used for long-way trips towing quad bikes for off-road.

The length is almost as a European full-size truck with 40 feet container.

Happy owner.

When truck arrived it was a complete mess. 3 years in a row it was used as a utility vehicle with just being washed from the outside. No interior wash or dry-cleaning! And guess what leather colour does its interior has? Of course white :)

Completely messed up body paint

Matte rear-view mirrors

In the process of bringing body paint back to glossy look.

The point is that this truck is huge! It is lifted and is 6,7 meters long! So our 7 days journey of how to bring this truck back to life started.

Cleaned and glossy

In process...

Polished and ready to be coated

8 years of travels...at least some shine returns.



Getting better and better!

Polished, coated with glass, dry-cleaned. Clean look for winter time!

Deep glossy black colour returned.

Nice back!

Not always supercars and luxury cars are detailed. Sometimes people would like to give second life to their best "buddies" who work for them and will keep serving for years.

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