When Two Friends Came Together To Make A Yamaha SR400 Cafe Racer

Nuno & Ricardo from Portugal brought their efforts & thoughts together to pay homage to one of the most iconic single cylinder machine- Yamaha SR400.

3y ago

This Yamaha SR400 cafe racer finds its roots in a conversation between Nuno Capêlo and Ricardo Santos when they were travelling together to exhibit their latest builds at London’s BikeShed in 2016 event. That very year, Yamaha of Portugal had launched a challenge to customise the Yamaha SR400 as a farewell homage to the iconic model that had been launched in 1978. Nuno Capêlo is a motorcycle designer and owner of Capêlo’s Garage, while Ricardo Santos is the founder of Elemental Rides, a custom motorcycle workshop he started after quitting his job as a chef. The two realised that they had been friends for years, but never had the chance to work together, and thus decided to take on the challenge of building a unique custom Yamaha SR400.

They soon zeroed in on a common ground that was to build a neo-retro cafe racer that would be a mix of both of their personal styles – an engineering approach from Ricardo’s side that would also address the technical bits while Nuno would focus on the clean minimalistic form of their custom machine. That said, both of them out agree on a common cause which was to make the motorcycle as fast and as usable on the road without tampering the stock capabilities of the iconic single cylinder Yamaha.

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