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When will we see The Grand Tour Season 3?

The biggest question on everyone's mind.

In the past, we have seen "The Grand Tour" premiere their seasons somewhere around this time of year. Well, it is now mid-November and there hasn't been a trailer yet. The only clue we have gotten so far for anything (maybe) is this picture taken from Jeremy's profile here on DT:

The date shown is 11/3/2018. A date that has very well passed by 13 days. So, I have to ask: what in the world is going on "The Grand Tour?" The car shows on Amazon and Netflix are not enough to get through the wait. And one last question: Are we getting a fourth season? If not, then I am sad to say that I would not ever get the chance to see them for a tent filming.

Well, here is to hoping we get our fix soon of Season 3 of "The Grand Tour!"

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