Yes they have a D-Max now

16w ago

OK, so you'll have to believe me,this beast in black is not a civilian D-Max waiting for a challan outside the RTO building for the illegal bull bar(LOL on modified indian cars). Pictures have emerged from Davanagere, Karnataka where we can see that the police has acquired around 3 Isuzu D-Max(s).

The usual mundane white livery used on Indian police cars has not been used here, rather it is a PERFECT colour for the truck(it deserves black, period). I think we finally have some petrolhead policemen xD.

Now for the negatives

Not much is clear about this particular procurement but certain comments on FB pointed out at certain things like about the bull bar which is illegal in India and about the fact that why a 4x4 is required to patrol a relatively flat area?

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The above video shows a small turret like installation on the bed area. Commando vehicle is written on the vehicle which might indicate that it might not be used for city patrolling,rather it certainly will assume a specialist job(SWAT team maybe!). Still it looks absolute badass and super sexy.

Also, I really feel bad for this dude who was challaned by RTO for his modified D-Max in Kerala, he had to cough up around β‚Ή50,000 🀣🀣

PS: We really need to invite the policemen of that area on Drivetribe LOL!

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