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Making cinematic videos to help sell your old used car isn’t new, earlier this year visual effects artist Eugene Romanovsk from Latvia employed his skills to import his car, a 1996 Suzukia Vitara, into scenes from Jurassic Park and Mad Max. The video has since had over five million views.

More recently, American film maker Max Lanman released a Hollywood blockbuster style commercial to help sell his girlfirends 1996 Honda Accord. His advert was so successful, that the bids reached a staggering $150,000 before eBay’s fraud department stepped in and pulled his auction down!

The video, which features beautifully shot aerial footage of the car being drive along scenic coastal roads, paired with a silky smooth voice over, has picked up over 4 million views on YouTube in just shy of a week.

The car is now listed back on eBay and the starting bid has risen from $499 to $4300 at the time of writing this. While it’s a long way off the $150,000 of the first auction, it’s still an impressive sum of money for an uninteresting, tatty 21 year old coupe.


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