Where are you going?

Create your dream roadtrip, tell us what car you would pick, the place where you would drive to and a friend you would take with you. Tell me why you picked that car, the place and that friend who you take with you!

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Comments (38)

  • 911 Speedster + Europe + My best friend

    (because the Speedster's a great car for Europe and my best friend really wants to go to Europe! So, win-win, I guess!)

      9 months ago
  • BMW R Nine T - because just look at it!

    Norway - great roads even better scenery

    No friend - I prefer solo motorbike trips

      9 months ago
  • Carrera GT(Open Top)+Bangalore-Singapore-London-Bangalore+Any of my Best Buddy(I'll rather be happy if it is my Girlfriend(Not a perfect GF,just a friend,lol))

      9 months ago
  • 180sx + Japanese mountain roads + my best mate who wants a supra

      9 months ago
  • Supra(yes I’m a fanboy),Japan,and my mate ben(he loves cars too)

      9 months ago