- 2011 Corolla. Source: Alexander Wolf

Where Credit's Due ...

A case for a car that has been unfairly treated.

2d ago

As sure as taxes arrive, car enthusiasts will find reasons to hate on the Corolla. This is my personal experience with this car - a car that I never thought twice about, but have now come to appreciate. The Corolla is the worlds best selling car. In 2016, it was established that over 44 million of the things had sold. I can't speak for those cars, but I can speak for the exact one seen in the image above.

Why has the Corolla never sparked the fire inside of the car enthusiast's heart? Is it just because it might not be entertaining to drive? If this is the sole reason, then I'd argue that it isn't enough to condemn it.

This is because, I will concede, it isn't that fun to drive. However the Corolla seen here, in base-spec, has almost every other box ticked.

Is it comfortable? Yes. Is it spacious? Yes. Will it easily fit four adults, with good legroom? Yes. Economical? Yes! Well priced? Well built? Good looking? Smooth? Easy to insure? Easy to park? Good for long distances? Reliable? Good visibility? All yes. You get my point ...

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this car to anyone. I would even go as far as to say that I think this car is interesting - the opposite of what its reputation suggests. There isn't anything that I have tried to do with this car that it has taken in its stride ... except maybe some very steep hills.

But I love this car. Here are some photos.

What do you think?

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  • They’re an utter joy to hoon around on B-roads especially if it’s a rental. Cheap as chips and cheerful if one enjoy a tad of lift off oversteer.

      2 days ago