Where I want to go in the world.

A random article that came about from a walk.

I went for a walk this morning, cuz I was in a terrible mood. And it was really nice, Ireland is always best in the early hours.

And that had me wondering where I really wanted to go. What places I wanted to see. And so I have made a shortlist, just a few attractions, famous places and what not that I want to visit. And will visit, if I have my way. See what you think and give me some suggestions of where to go or where you want to go and what you wanna do.

Buckingham Palace, Great Britain:

Is it the most famous palacein the world? Maybe. I say maybe because I really don't know but I would imagine it is. It seems an odd choice given I was never a fan of the royal family by any means, or even of monarchy as a whole. But it's probably down to my viewing of The Crown and the visual luxury and exquisite-ness that his mean aching to wander the halls and state rooms of the royal residence of London. So yes, consider it.....on the bucket list.

Fushimi Inari Shrine, Japan:

Well obviously Japan would make the list (multiple times). But the ancient temple of Fushimi Inari is one that strikes me the most when it comes to the ancient Japanese culture in architecture. It screams peace, discovery and would make for a lovely photo too! The place is remarkable there's no doubt about that. And situated in Kyoto, it would be smack bang in my favourite part of the entire country!

Shibuya District, Japan (still):

I figured that while I'm there I might as well stay for the other Japanese place too, which happens to be the absolutely iconic district of Shibuya, famed for its BEYOND bustling atmoshphere. Particularly the infamous crosswalk. The area is magnificent and unlike anything I could dream of experiencing at home. So I've got to see it!

Fenghuang, China:

China may not be in the not-so-great books right now what with some......minor global affair issues lately, but is still quite easily one of the most exceptionally mind-blowing countries in the world. There's so much to it that you'd never describe it in a few lines, so I won't try. But here is one of my top spots to see. The very, very ancient town of Fenghuang of the Hunan province. It's located near a section of the Great Wall too, so two birds one stone I guess, although that doesn't appeal to me quite so much as the town itself. Brilliantly adapted to the modern world, and yet so boldly bragging it's routes at the same time. Marvellously impressive.

Pyongyang, yes, as in, North Korea:

No, this isn't the usually jolly-up sightseeing happy-camping holiday. This would be a once-off. An experience, I really want to see how it is in North Korea. How they live, how things work, and live it out myself, even if it's all just a glimpse. Keeping a very low profile, very few are allowed into the country and what they see is not chosen by them, little do they know. But it's all part of what I would aim to see. A short trip, in and out. And see the North Korea once restricted just a google image.

And there's the list. Well that would really just be a fraction of it, but these are just some of my ideas. And yes 80% of it was in Asia but trust me there's a lot more to it!

Anyway thanks for reading and all that.

Dia duit!

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