Where should we go with our Fiat Multipla?

You get to choose where we're heading.

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You get to choose where we're heading.

The secret is out... We bought a Fiat Multipla with the money we made with Drivetribe's creator's program. But the story doesn't stop there. We plan to take the Multipla on an epic road trip, and share this experience with you guys. There is no specific point, we just want to have fun, and go on an adventure.

A​nd, you will actually help us to choose where we are going. We can't seem to make up our minds, so we have selected three different options for you to pick from.

#1: The Great North

Just like valiant Vikings, the Golden Beluga thrives in the wilderness. Maybe the longest trip of the three options, but how epic would it be to drive from Switzerland to Tromsø, Norway in the Multipla. Our journey would take us through Germany, and the entire country of Sweden. Why do we love this route? The beautiful sceneries will allow us to take the coolest photoshoots of the Golden Beluga, but as we only have two weeks, we'd might rush a bit.

#2: Go East

Probably the most diverse trip. This road trip will take us through several countries, 9 to be precise, and the goal is to reach Istanbul in Turkey. The objective is to leave from Switzerland, cross Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and finally reach Istanbul after a week. On the way back, we'd travel on another route that would cross Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and then back to Croatia, etc. Why do we like this route? There are many countries with different cultures, cuisines, and things to see. It will also be the route where we'll be most likely to find help if we break down...

#3: In the heat of the South

Definitely the shortest, but hardest trip the car will have to go through. This road trip takes us to Merzouga in Morocco. Remember the trip Harry Metcalfe undertook with his Ferrari Testarossa in the Sahara desert? Well, we'd like to do the same! We'd first drive to Sète in France to grab a ferry boat that'd take us to Tangier in Morocco. We will then drive all the way south to Merzouga to reach the Sahara desert and its beautiful sceneries. Why do we like this route? For the photo shooting opportunities, the food, and we've never been to the Sahara desert...

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