- The condition of this Aston serves as a pretty accurate metaphor for the condition of myself. Credit: bonhams

Hello there, everyone! It’s been a while! Hope you’ve all been doing great and progressing well on DriveTribe. There certainly hasn’t been a shortage of mouth-watering speed machines being released, and the year should bring plenty more yet.

During my absence from DriveTribe, all of my original ambitions have unfortunately been hindered by terribly ill-health. Without going into the gory details, I was struck down with illness just a couple of days into 2019. At first, it wasn’t overly limiting; however, it soon grew in intensity. After seeing multiple doctors, every prescribed potion and poison alike did little to quell my symptoms.

I went for numerous unpleasant tests, all of which came back inconclusive. I spoke with my doctor about one particular and simple test which I’d been told by my pharmacist would show the source of my illness (the details of which I won’t disclose due to the fact that you’ll presumably want to eat again). While she agreed it would indeed hone in on the cause of the problems, she also in the same breath refused to do it. This unwillingness to help - despite constant arguing from myself - was something mirrored by the vast majority of health care “professionals” I’d seen, and is something that would later prove to be a terrible mistake.

I was eventually referred to a number of specialists, sent for a variety of scans, and was put on a strong cocktail of drugs that slowed the frequency of my symptoms - but crucially did not stop them. The test that I’d wanted done initially was conducted by a specialist - even though any modestly trained orangutang could’ve done it - and finally, they found out what was wrong with me, and the medication needed to combat it.

With that said however, due to the length and violence of the illness, the affected organ has been irreversibly scarred. I am now forever changed - which I wouldn’t have been had my doctor done the test I’d wanted done in the first place!

While the condition doesn’t have a cure, there are a number of things these bodily mechanics can do about it. Last week, I started a course of treatment that is supposed to last 3 months - emphasis on the “is supposed to” part of that sentence. So far, I’ve incurred each and every one of the potential side effects, which may result in the treatment being stopped at any moment. While the side effects could be a sign that the treatment is working properly, there’s no way of determining that definitively. To simply call an end to treatment at the moment would be to relinquish the possibility of ever getting better. Yet there’s no way of telling if it’s working, or even if I’m doing more harm than good!

Irrespective of my departure at the end of last year, my illness was of such intensity that it would’ve been completely impossible for me to write anything at all - let alone at my usual rate. Due to the unpredictability of my symptoms, and the side effects of my treatment, I find it wouldn’t be wise to commit to such a workload as I previously undertook. But, I have many ideas that I would like to pursue, and health depending, I intend on pursuing them.

So then, keep your eyes on Speed Machines over the next couple of days; there’s something exciting on the way!


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