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Where's everything gone?

The Grand Agency: Edition 17

2y ago

Last time our three agents investigated the mysterious disappearance of a farmhouse. When they returned to base they found out that the city is started to disappear as well. Will they get to the city in time to find out what had happened? Or will be too late? Who is the mastermind behind these disappearances? Let's find out.

Created by: Natasha Cramer

Created by: Natasha Cramer

Surprise Return

The Agents got to the city too late. It had already fully disappeared. "How can a whole city just disappear?," asked Agent Hamster. The trio suddenly heard footsteps behind them and Agent Orangutan grabbed hold of the person by her feet. "Well, this is an unusual way to welcome me". Agent Orangutan recognised the voice and looked up to see it was JetPat.

"Oh, JetPat it's you". Agent Orangutan let go of JetPat and got up from the floor. " What you doing here? " curiously asked Agent Slow. "I came here to warn you that Ben has escaped." " Who is Ben?, " asked Agent Hamster. "The one who kidnapped me, " replied Agent Orangutan. "Oh, that guy." Agent Orangutan did a facepalm and shook his head.

"Anyway I have come to tell you he escaped and that he has quite a nasty revenge for you three." "Let me guess he made some formula that makes things disappear and we are next, " replied Agent Slow. "How did you know?, " asked JetPat. "Let's say we have had our share of villains like Ben, " replied Agent Hamster.

"What is this formula exactly?, " asked Agent Slow. "Well walk straight over there, " replied JetPat. Agent Orangutan started walking. "I don't see anything". Suddenly he fell over something and landed on his face. As he looked to see what he tripped over there was nothing there.

" Erm, what did I just fall over?" JetPat pulled out a device and pointed it at the spot that Agent Orangutan fell over. "Apparently you tripped over a G-Wiz, " she replied. "Those ugly things still annoy me even if I can't see them, " moaned Agent Orangutan.

"I don't get it. Why would he make everything invisible?" asked Agent Hamster? "That we don't know yet. But all I can say is that he plans on taking his revenge on you three soon".

" We better get going then, " said Agent Orangutan. But as they turned around their cars were gone. "Oh great now our cars are gone!, " moaned Agent Orangutan. JetPat used her machine again. "Nope, they are right here. "I can see them, " replied Agent Hamster.

"How can you see them?, " asked Agent Slow. But as they looked Agent Hamster wasn't there. "Agent Hamster were are you, " asked Agent Orangutan. "Funny I know I am small but I am standing right next to you".

JetPat quickly used her device again. "Agent Hamster is there but instead he is invisible". " Let's head back to base before anything else disappears, " ordered an agitated Agent Orangutan.

After the Agents and JetPat returned to the base they had to sort the small issue of seeing Agent Hamster. They first tried flour which didn't go well since Agent Hamster sneezed it off. After numerous attempts, Agent Slow got an idea.

He went into the medical room and came back with quite a lot of bandage rolls. "You know I haven't crashed while I was invisible, " sarcastically said Agent Hamster. "We know but we have an idea that hopefully will work, " replied JetPat. The three took the bandages and started wrapping it around Agent Hamster.

It wasn't long before they had him fully wrapped. "There we go. Now we can see you and just in case you do crash you are already bandaged up, " joked Agent Slow. "Now I know what an Egyptian mummy feels like….very itchy".

Suddenly the alarms went off and the ground shook. The four of them rushed to the computer to see that Ben was attacking the base outside. They quickly gathered their gear and got ready to battle.

To Be Continued

Will our Agents and JetPat be able to defeat Ben? What is Ben's plan? Will our agents solve this mystery? Only time will tell….

Created by: Natasha Cramer

Created by: Natasha Cramer

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  • Okay...

    So, a few things,

    One, their base is like a military standard, top secret mine base thingy, yes? Then how is one man with some liquid optical illusion even a threat?? I mean what could ben possibly do? Hit the bloody door with a freakin' sledgehammer? That won't be anymore effective than making the sodded door dissapear, but at least it'll be a gazillion times more entertaining...

      2 years ago
  • When can we see the new GT from CHA

    and I don't know Kris wu he from Canada No CHA !!

      2 years ago