Which 1990's V12 Ferrari F1 Car Are You?

4w ago

Choose a championship winning F1 car from the 1990's

  • Mclaren MP4/5B
  • Williams FW14B
  • Mclaren MP4/6
  • Williams FW15C
  • Benetton B194
  • Benetton B195

What is important for a winning F1 car?

  • Some of the best drivers and performance in the business
  • Hoping for zero criticism towards the car
  • A crap ton of unreliability. Wait, what?
  • The technology

Choose an Italian motorcycle brand

  • Ducati
  • MV Agusta
  • Moto Guzzi
  • Benelli
  • Aprilia
  • Bimota

Pick a race track

  • Suzuka
  • Monza
  • Old Hockenheim
  • Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
  • Adelaide Street Circuit
  • Phoenix Street Circuit
  • Circuit Magny Cours

Select an onomatopoeia

  • *ZOOM!*
  • *KABOOM!*
  • *CRASH!*
  • *POW!*
  • *SCREECH!*

How does it feel to experience the tifosi at Monza?

  • It's a raw, enthralling feeling.
  • It's a feeling like no other.
  • I'm not sure if they would approve of Ferraris churning out bad results.
  • It's Magic!
  • The pressure and tension is always on your shoulders.

Lastly, are you a fan of Scuderia Ferrari?

  • I'm one with the tifosi
  • I like Ferrari.
  • Meh, not so much.
  • Pssshhh.... Why would I root for a bunch of whining toxic Italians?

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