Which 2020 car are you based on what you thought of this year?

4w ago

First, come up with a snappy sentence to describe this year:

  • An accumulation of disasters
  • Opportunities like never before
  • An utter waste of time if it wasn't for the Massive Hunt

Has 2020 taught us a lesson?

  • It certainly made us think about our impact on the world
  • It made me realise how much I love Korean food
  • I've never felt so uncultured and thoughtless, certainly not.

What will you keep as your best memory of this year?

  • Thanks to lockdown, I've never felt less stressed in a long time
  • Playing board games with what was left of my family
  • When I found a shop with flour in it

And your worst memory?

  • 2020 is the worst memory of my life
  • When I watched the video of a panda stuck in the Australian fires
  • Hammond burning his balls in the special

What was the most important event of 2020?

  • The elections!
  • Black lives matter!
  • Mercedes unveiling the new S class

Is their hope for 2021?

  • I don't dare say it out loud by I'm a believer
  • It will just be a succession of this year
  • As long as I can rely on Drivetribe, 2021 will be good

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